Anita Doyle, LICSW


I specialize in helping people access their own internal wisdom through careful listening and practical advice.

Perhaps you are confused, depressed, or anxious.  Psychotherapy is a creative process which can help you sort through your feelings and figure out what the best course of action is for you.

Therapy begins with an assessment of the problem. During the first few sessions I will listen carefully to the things you say. I will also listen for the things that you can't bring yourself to say. I will give you feedback on what I hear and what I think. This initial assessment process can take a couple of sessions. The assessment concludes with identifying some goals for therapy. This helps set direction and focus on what we will talk about during your sessions, as well as giving us a time frame for our work together.

I have many tools in my therapy toolbox and together we will choose the ones that are right for you. I will always offer insights to help you see the things that you are not aware of. Often, just having someone who can listen and understand will be enough to help you to feel a lot better in a short time. 

I might also suggest homework for you to do between sessions, or use body awareness, movement or mindfulness techniques to help you identify and clarify your thoughts and feelings.  I will be honest with you about my impressions and assessments and I will support you in making changes that will lead to more ease and satisfaction in your life.

Successful therapy depends upon a good relationship between therapist and client.  Therefore, I offer a free 20-minute phone consultation to help you determine whether I am the right therapist for you. 




I am a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker.  I have had a long career as a psychotherapist and currently maintain a small independent practice online.   I have experience with a wide variety of therapy modalities.  I currently see individuals for fairly short term (less than 1 year), solution focused therapy. 

Call me at 952-926-7063 to schedule a free initial 20 minute phone consultation